Relationship Essentials:

The Argument Bundle    

Are nasty fights making you feel hurt and alone? Would you like to learn to fight in a way that leaves you feeling MORE connected, not less? Then this course bundle is for you!

The Argument Bundle will help you…

  • Learn how to argue in a way that leads to connection instead of pain and disconnection. With the right communication skills, you can stop fighting and have conversations that allow you to understand each other better. 

  • Learn the skills needed to stay calm and grounded during hard conversations. Being able to self-soothe is key to having the kinds of arguments that move you forward.

  • Learn how to hear what's being said without getting triggered and misunderstanding the other.  People are far worse at communication than they realize and a huge piece is learning how to hear accurately. Learn the steps to be a better listener and communicator.


Hi! My name is Caitlin Cantor.

I'm an Individual, Couples, and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. I am also a Certified Gestalt Therapist, Psychology Today’s Modern Sex Blogger, sought-after speaker, Relationship Expert, Sexpert, and Dating Coach.

I am deeply passionate about helping people heal from old wounds and teaching them how to create the healthy, fulfilling relationship they long for. None of us were taught how to have healthy relationships or how to deal with issues that arise in long-term relationships, so it's no wonder that relationships can seem so hard. However, with the right support and the right relational education, you can learn how to create the relationship you know you want but don't yet know how to create. I've seen people go from struggling and stuck, to thriving in a healthy, loving relationship, time and time again over the course of my career. I've gone through my own healing journey, so I know first hand--professionally AND personally--that healing and change are possible, as is creating the relationship of your dreams.

All you have to do is keep showing up and doing the work, and I'm here to support you the whole way.

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